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Welcome to one of the biggest giveaways on YouTube for the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max, 13 Pro Max, MacBook, iPad and S 23 Ultra. It’s free and international. Watch this entire video. Yes, sir. What’s up guys? It’s Bob runney. Welcome to a brand new video. We are doing a massive big giveaway on the channel for Apple iPhone 14 Pro Maxes, 13 Pro Maxes, MacBook, iPad and plenty more. Remember guys,


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to enter this giveaway, it’s free and international. All you have to do is click the big red button to subscribe to the channel. Hit the bell icon to stay notified. Give this video a thumbs up. Comment section, let me know which iPhone you want to win with. Go follow me on Instagram ad versus Super Ronny C.

That is a very crucial step. All right guys, now to push everyone out of the way and stand a higher chance to win, listen to these steps. Go like everybody’s comment in the comment section. Go and comment on everyone’s comments in the comments section. Come every 15 minutes, half an hour, half a day. Go and like everyone’s comments and comment on everyone’s comments. I chose someone as a winner last week who was literally just liking everyone’s comments and comments on everyone’s.

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Also another way you can do this, go bring your friends and family to this video. Ask them to subscribe. Ask them to comment your name in the comments section. If they comment your name, last week somebody bought 10 people who made them comment their name and they won the giveaways. Go and become a YouTube member. Check out the link in the description. Go join on the Patron.


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If you join our page on. If you join our page on and click the big orange button that says become a patron. If you become a patron, you get a giveaway from us guaranteed every single month. You also enter our page on the exclusive giveaway. Also, guys, we teach you on our page on how to make $1,000, 1,000 piece of various tricks,

even if you’re a full-time student or if you’re doing a 9 to five job. It only requires just a very little time a day you can be making one like $1,000. My patrons are super happy. I have over 50 patrons because they all win a giveaway every single month and I teach them how to make money from home. So definitely go join that course.

Also, go buy my merch. I have mugs, T shirts, everything. All the profits go to charity feeding children in need. And if you go buy the merch, I will give you extra entries and higher chance to win the giveaways as well. Choose 10 winners from random. By random, by random I mean if you are on my channel, commenting on the videos,

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watching my videos. If you’re coming to my live streams where I announce winners, 10 winners I choose from a random comment picker, so make sure you leave a comment and ask your friends to comment your name. Also, if you’re in the 10 winners I choose you, especially from Patron and YouTube membership. Remember guys, come to my live streams Monday, Tuesday, Wednesdays.

Those are live giveaways I do. Guys, if you comment in this video, I also choose the comments of the people in this video on my live stream as well. Guys, let me play some Anonymous Winners. This is my live stream, my video, my short videos, so go check them out. This channel is all about iPhones, making money, and also high end stuff like Louis Vuitton Dior. This has been your boy, Ronnie C.




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the biggest giveaways on for the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max, 13 Pro Max, MacBook, iPad. As well, I’m giving Laks with Rupees as a giveaway for $2,000 and also thousands of pounds as well. We’re giving S 23 Ultra, it’s brand international, it’s worldwide. Watch this entire video because there’s also two secret codes that you need to tell me to redeem this giveaway. All those watching until the end of this video will also have an extra bonus chance to win this giveaway. Yes, the giveaway is Freein International.

Remember to enter, it’s very simple. Click the big red button to subscribe. Hit the bell icon and click on notification. Give this video a thumbs up. Comment section, tell me what you want to win whether it’s the 14 Pro Mags or the Mag Vortex S 23 or cash prize. And if you’re go follow me on Instagram @thesuperonec and on Twitter @ super ronnyc. And yeah, guys, that’s all it is to enter. But remember, if you want to push everyone out of the way, all you have to do is click. Every 15 minutes, half an hour, half a day, depending on how much effort you want to put.

Go like everybody’s comment in the comment section and go and comment on everyone’s comment in the comment section. And yeah, last week I chose a winner who literally just did that. And also if you can bring your friends and family, ask them to subscribe and like the video and comment your name in the comments section. Last week, again, I chose someone who got only 10 people and they asked them and 10 different people commented that person’s name in the comments section below. That’s how I chose them as a winner. Remember, guys, the only place I know is winners on videos like this, in my shorts and also on my live streams. Make sure to come tune into my live streams. I do live giveaways and win announcements there as well. I choose winners in either the random comment picker. If you’re active on the channel, by active, I mean if you like comments, if you like and comment on my videos and my live streams and also on my videos and shorts on my second channel. I choose 10 winners who are patrons and YouTube members. If you join patron and YouTube membership, you get a giveaway guaranteed from me every single month.




You get to interact with me and I teach you how to make money from home. I make a course for you how you can make money from home. Literally $1,000 in an hour. Literally, you can go check that. Or you can go check out my videos for free as well, where I also tell you how you can make this money, even if you are a student or working nine to five. There’s also video feature, for more winners on the channel, make sure to go check that out. All the links in the description that you need to follow. Make sure, guys, if you want to end up for free and international, just come to all my videos live stream. Like and comment. All right, guys. We have plenty more crazy videos coming on the channel. Go check it out. This has been your boy, Ronnie C.

iphone 14 pro max usa specifications 2023
Release Date September 16, 2022
Colors Space Black, Silver, Gold, Deep Purple
Network 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G
SIM Card Dual SIM (Nano-SIM and eSIM)
Weight 240 grams
Size 6.7 inches
Battery 4,323 mAh
Back Camera Quad 48+12+12 Megapixel + TOF 3D LiDAR scanner
Front Camera Dual 12 Megapixel + SL 3D
iOS 16
ROM 128 / 256 / 512 GB / 1 TB
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