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Touring the $250 Million Highest Penthouse IN THE WORLD

Welcome to the one above all else. It is a rarity to walk inside something that is a truly record breaking. And that is what this penthouse is. This is the highest residential home on the planet, with the tallest private room on earth the highest residential terrace in the world.

This is the penthouse at central park tower, comprising of three floors on the 129th, 130th, and 131st floors of two. One Seven West 57th street in New York City. We have 17,545 sqft interior. We have 1433 exterior, a terrace unlike anything I have ever seen. This home is the most expensive home in the United States.

We are priced at $250,000,000, and it couldn’t be more worth it. This is a tour unlike any we have ever done before. This is the definition of a property trophy. This is like buying a Monet, a Picasso, a Dali, a basket.

So let’s get going. We have a lot to see.

Now, this is the pinnacle home in this tower. Central Park Tower. Where we are is the newest and most luxurious residential tower, not only in New York, but I would say, in the world. The amenities which we’re going to show you are incredible. From multiple swimming pools, multiple living spaces, a 100th floor private club and restaurant curated by three Michelin star chefs, the staff, everything.

I mean, it goes on and on and on top of the line luxury and services here. But this apartment is so unique because it was designed specifically to be the ultimate trophy home. Not only is it the highest residential home on earth, so that’s already a record. But how do you take a space and find this type of volume, right? How do you take one space that’s almost 18,000 create the perfect home?

Just the engineering feat of taking one space and carving out the perfect seven formal bedrooms, eight full bathrooms, three powder rooms, one family formal kitchen, one chef catering kitchen, one grand salon, one private ballroom, so many other bonus spaces. I mean, there’s a lot here. And it is truly perfect. It is really a trophy. But the building itself has a really, really, really interesting history.

And you can’t fully appreciate this penthouse without knowing where this all started. The tower was first put together basically the assemblage to build this massive skyscraper. That’s 1550ft in the air, by the way, first started in 2005. It’s been nearly 17 years, and this is the first unveiling of this penthouse. But the construction timeline of the building alone took nine years on top of all the years of planning.

And there is a cost to all Now, you might say, okay, $250,000,000 for one big penthouse. But there’s this to just get to this floor, to build the building all the time and effort that goes into it and all the cost. The final construction costs for Central Park Tower are about $3 billion. To get to this point, the developer Xtel, led by Gary Barnett, they’re a visionary because no one else would imagine a space such as this to bring this to market for one special potential purchaser.

I’ll get more into the history because I am so fascinated by it. The engineering feat, the mechanical feat, the structural feats. This building has the largest and heaviest tune damper, which keeps the building from moving and making it more comfortable for the residents in the world. In any building, it’s almost 2.4 million pounds. This huge counterweight, it’s insane.

It’s crazy. There’s 360,000,000 pounds of concrete just in this whole building. It’s wild. It’s wild. But I can’t believe we haven’t actually shown you the park yet.

Let’s go look at the park. So you’re going to see a lot of Central Park on this tour. Central park is what makes this building. I mean, it is called Central Park Tower, rising nearly 1600ft over the most famous park in the world. It’s really incredible to see.

The park is incredible. Now, this is the grand salon, and I wanted to spend a lot of time in this space with you, really, really showing you this, because you’ve got over 27 foot ceilings. It’s an amazing, amazing room. And this room alone is nearly 3000. Before we get to any other rooms, I just want to take in the volume of this space.

This piece alone was so much fun. This is done by Vicky Baranguette, uruguayan artist based here in New York City. All of the art you’ll see is curated by Natasha Roberts of the Know. So we’ve had some amazing partners who’ve come together to bring the best of the best into this space. And you’ll also notice there’s a low lying nature to the furniture when you have this type of glass, these types of ceilings, these types of views.

Welcome to the formal dining room in the highest penthouse on earth. Now, obviously, in nearly 18,000 mean the grand salon could be your dining room. The conservatory, which we haven’t even seen there is a conservatory in this apartment, could be your dining room. But I love this space because there is the juxtaposition between nearly 30 foot ceilings and these are extra high ceilings too. But for dinner, for a formal dinner for a table like this with this gorgeous Panda marble with these chairs by Adrian Pierceall, this chandelier by Gabriel Scott this gorgeous art I think, in this room is also done by Vicky Brings.

It kind of home. There’s a lot of homes that we show mostly in Los Angeles and different parts of the world where they’re beautiful. They’re.

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